Hydropipes Industries Sdn Bhd



"Quality is our hallmark" with every product at Hydropipes Industries.

Quality control begins with the entry of the raw materials sourced, through to the manufacturing and testing processes. These are controlled, documented and standardized, adhering to the strict guidelines set by the quality management team. Frequent random checks are also undertaken over the normal quality control procedures to ensure high standards are fully met.

Beginning with raw materials, all steel plates procured are accompanied by steel mills certificates that comply with BS 3601 Grade SAW 430 or BS 4360 Grade 43A and JKR Specifications. Bitumen, outer wraps and inner wraps for external use are of grade BS 4147. The internal concrete lining is of Grade BS 4027, compliant with JKR specifications.

To ensure quality is assured, Hydropipes Industries Sdn Bhd employs the following tests during its manufacturing processes.
• Visual & Dimensional Inspections
• Hardness & Tensile Tests
• Bend & Impact Tests
• Hydrostatic Pressure Test
• Microstructure Inspection Test
• Ultrasonic Test
• and X-Ray
• Holiday Detector Tests